Product Introduction

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Stainless Sheet

Customized stainless sheet manufacturing

We are operating a coil center that manufactures and delivers suitable to the design of customer products by introducing materials of Yusco, a specialized maker in stainless raw materisl in Taiwan, and coating and cutting in specifications requested by customers.

Manufacturing Facility
Facility Finish Specification(㎜) Capacity/Month
Thickness Width Length
Coil Polishing Line #3, #4, HL(D.HL) 0.3~1.5 600~1,350 - 1,400M/T
Combination Slitting Stainless Steel, Mild Steel 0.3~2.0 100~1,350 - 2,500M/T
Combination Line Shearing 0.3~2.0 350~1,350 350~4,000 2,000M/T
Mini Shearing Line 0.3~1.5 50~560 100~2,000 400M/T
Auto Shearer 0.4~3.2 800~1,250 1,000~2,438 1,500M/T
1,300mm Slitter Stainless Steel, Silicon Steel 0.3~2.3 ~1,300 - 3,000M/T
Manufacuring Scope
Product Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Finish
AISI 301, AISI 304(L), AISI 316(L), 201 (1% Ni), 204Cu (1.5% Ni, 16Cr), 204Cu3(2.5% Ni, 17% Cr), 202 (4% Ni) AISI 430, AISI 430J1L, AISI 409L, AISI 439, AISI 436L, AISI 445, AISI 420(J2), SUS 443CT 300/400S : 0.2~6mm Thickness 0.4~4mm : ~1,524mm BA, 2B, No.4, H/L, CSP, Linen, Micro Linen, Embossed
200S : 0.4~4mm Thickness 0.2~0.3mm : ~1,250mm
Slitter/Shear Combination
Coil Polishing
Coil Polishing(Dry)

Dry polishing Sample

Dry polishing + Hairline Sample

Sheet Steel Laser Punch

Laser Punch Sample

Horizontal Coil Polishing
Gang Slitter
Protection Film Cutting

Printing Sample