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Manufacturing and Processing


SD E&T’s dryer is devoting to securing product competitiveness by opportunely providing dryers for high quality refrigeration/freezing system with automation system to customers, manufacturing of dryer requisitely requiring a refrigeration/freezing system is possible as the LOCK RING applied technology, which enables deletion of welding process resulting from a new coolant application by the customer, was successfully developed for the first time in Korea, and we are a specialized company in dryer manufacturing that provides high quality products through automation.


Inheriting the manufacturing, quality, technology of copper fitting (1997~) of Poonsan Co., Ltd., which is the main company of overseas as well as domestic export, copper pipe and copper alloy are applied to and acknowledged in architecture and piping, and we are sustaining and developing the tradition of high quality product, and providing services that strengthen customer satisfaction that continuously improves preceding inventory and responding power of delivery, and sales capability.

Stainless Sheet

We are operating a coil center that manufactures and delivers suitable to the design of customer products by introducing materials of Yusco, a specialized maker in stainless raw materisl in Taiwan, and coating and cutting in specifications requested by customers.

Compressor Precision Parts

We are manufacturing in our factories in China and India mainly focusing on precision processed parts for refrigerators. With professional work force possible of material development, cutting, processing, and quality improvement and through operation of manufacturing equipment, we are retaining a new precedent relationship with numerous overseas companies.