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Trade/Import and Export & C/SKD

CSKD Business Division that handles electronic device parts and raw materials realizes the maximum loading rate by deducing the optimum packaging condition, establishes a quality assurance system by each process that fulfills customer requests through real-time ordering management and exact inventory management, and aims for TOTAL SERVICE to customers ordering overseas. In addition, we are setting opportune delivery and quality response power through GLOBAL SOURCING parts development, optimum SCM review, and competitive cost provision as our maximum objective, and this is shown with successful effect such as customers’ financial cost reduction, index improvement due to reduction of retained inventory, reduction of fixed costs resulting from utilizing logistics and professional trade work force, etc. Response to the needs of customers is possible wherever and whenever with synergy effect by having branches in China and India, which are the center of emerging markets, while focusing on the headquarter in Korea.

CKD : Complete Knock Down / SKD : Semi Knock Down

A type proceeding export in half-finished goods by each part for duty reduction and effect of employment creation during on-site assembly in case of importing countries, and for cheap local labor force in case of the exporting countries.

VMI :Vender Management Inventory

We support customer advantage such as reduction of inventory burden and financial costs, cost reduction with specialized logistics system, JIS system, and realization of customer-centered PULL system.

It is a service that comprehensively provide product export·import occurring in Korea and overseas from product reception to packaging, loading, harbor transport, and documentation work. We provide not only professional trade work agency but also a one stop system of development, purchase, and export of overseas products required by customers. We provide services for the development of tools, zig, and equipment in the processing field and implement agency work of overseas sales.


We are preventing human error and minimizing waste of unnecessary transportation and movement by managing warehousing, shipping, and inventory through QR CODE Scanning by establishing a smart logistics system.