Business Field

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Logistics/Transportation Service

We provide fast and safe logistics transportation service.

We are making dedication to reduction of customers’ logistics costs based on various networks by quickly, accurately, and safely delivering all freights generated in Korea to the place that customers desire.

ST E&T’s service does not idle in one field of simple transportation and we are endeavoring to grow as a true business partner that practices all parts of logistics in the perspective of customers.

Client Status

1Yeongnam Area
  • Changwon: LG Factory 1, LG Factory 2
  • Busan: Shinjin Bolt, Wooju Bolt
  • Daegu: Shinseong Industry
  • Gumi : KRP
  • Miryang: Daeyoung Machinery
  • Haman: Guyang Industy
  • Gimhae: Jinyu company, JY, Daeyang Precision, DaeseSRP, Bukang Spring
2Honam Area
  • Jangseong: GR Chemical